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Katherine E. Lewis
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Critical Tactical Failure - Observed, and concisely corrected, at the friendly neighborhood warehouse club gas station:

tl;dr:  Self-entitled prince finds out Friday the 13th is not his lucky day, at least when I am around to stand up for the elderly, and the patient...

Picture, if you will, an expedited day.  You are sitting in the line of cars on a sunny Friday afternoon, Friday the 13th.  Will it be your lucky day?  Or might you make your next move as the person behind you observes, saying to herself, ""You have to be F***KING KIDDING, Make MY Day!©"

This young, exotic prince, sitting in his red, imported sportswagen, decides to jump out of the Costco gas line, where he only had one car between his front bumper, and the car filling its tank, to dive into the just-opened front pump position.  IN THE NEXT LANE.

Yes, this clown cut in front of two people waiting in the adjacent line.  I watched.  I waited.  Nobody yelled, waved, nothing.

"B*llshit!", I say under my breath as I pulled into the pump spot he would have claimed, should he have stayed in his lane, to walk over to where he was backing in to reposition himself at the stolen pump spot.

BOOM BOOM BOOM, went my closed fist, on the back of his window, as I shot laserbeams from my eyes.  I pounded until I caught his attention, then slipped around to his partially opened window.

"What do you think you are doing, jumping in front of the other cars?", I inquire.  He blinks, and says he had been waiting in line.

"No, I was right behind you.  You do not jump out of one line, and into another, in front of other people patiently waiting their turn."

His response, "I was waiting in line for a while.  I was wasting resources..."

I cut him off, marching back behind his car, planting my leg against the bumper.  I pounded on the window again, then pointed forward.  "Get out of here", I shouted.

I then waited until the other patron in that row drove away, now finished with filling her tank.  I beckoned to the two next drivers, indicating for them to take their spots in line.

The young prince put his car back into reverse.  I told him, "Go ahead, run me over with all these witnesses watching you..."

The two rightful cars pulled into the pump bays.  The pompous, self-entitled prince limped forward, while I went back to finally start pumping my own gas.

I was thanked by the gas pump victims, and proved that Friday the 13th continues to be my lucky day, and that the pricks of this world will suffer on theirs!

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